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Utilizing A Blackjack Strategy To Enhance Your Game

Professional Blackjack players always walk into the casino with some type of strategy. Since Blackjack is one of the few games in the casino where the player can have an advantage over the house, it’s best to practice and eventually master these strategies in order to be successful.

The basic strategy of Blackjack is developed utilizing mathematics. Different strategies have been tested over the many years since its conception. When utilized properly, the Blackjack strategy reduces the edge the house has over the player to a minimal amount. Strategies are adjusted to conform to different variations of the game.

Getting Started With A Strategy Chart

The most effective method for learning the basic Blackjack strategy is by memorizing a basic strategy chart. This chart illustrates exactly how to play your initial two cards against the dealer’s one face-up card. Memorization of the basic strategy chart is only one piece of the puzzle. Proper starting play is beneficial, but your moves after taking a hit are just as important.

Playing Pairs

Here are a few tips for playing paired starting cards:

  • Aces or eights – Split
  • Twos or threes – Split if the dealer has 2-7 or else hit
  • Fours – Split if the dealer has 5-6 or else hit
  • Fives – Double down if the dealer has 2-9 or else hit
  • Sixes – Split if the dealer has 2-6 or else hit
  • Sevens – Split 2-7 or else hit
  • Nines – Split 2-9, stay if the dealer has 7,10 or ace
  • Tens – Stay

Playing Hard Hands

The following are tips to play two starting cards that do not hold an ace:

  • If you have less than eight, hit
  • Nine – Double down if the dealer has 3-6 or else hit
  • Ten – Double down against 2-9 or else hit
  • Eleven – Double down against 2-10 or hit if the dealer has an ace
  • Twelve – Hit against 2 or 3, stay against 4-6, hit everything else
  • 13-16 – Stay against 2-6, otherwise hit
  • 17-21 – Stay

Playing Soft Hands

These final tips pertain to starting cards that contain an ace:

  • Holding ace 2 or ace 3 – Double down against 5 or 6, or else hit
  • Ace 4 or ace 5 – Double down against 4-6 or else hit
  • Ace 6 – Double down against 3-6 or else hit
  • Ace 7 – Stay against 2, 7, or 8; double down against 3-6 or else hit
  • Ace 8 or ace 9 – Stay

By following these basic strategies, you can become a better poker player and have a more defined view of the game. More advanced techniques used in Blackjack build on this basic strategy.

Gaming Regulations In The State of Washington

Although gambling is legal in some form in most places across the United States, it’s also heavily regulated. This is to protect the player from criminal actions and questionable behavior. This is justified since the gambling industry boasts a long history of criminal involvement. Since there are always large amounts of cash in an uncontrolled environment, it’s a haven for illegal activity.

There are two specific methods of effectively enforcing gaming regulations. These include:

  • Separate gambling licensing from politics
  • Tighten controls on all parties
  • The State of Washington

Washington is an interesting state with regards to gaming regulatory bodies. The Washington Gaming Commission supervises all gaming functions within the state. The Commission is comprised of nine board members. Five of the members are appointed by the Governor and serve in their respective seats for six-year terms.

The Commission is also available to the state senate. Additionally, there are four ex-officio board members, two from the house and two from the senate. The Washington Gaming commission is one of the largest in the United States with 135 employees. Even by California gaming standards that’s a fairly large group, covering all regions.

Card Rooms

Washington is an interesting state for gaming law because it regulates card rooms. In Washington, a card room can only be a supplementary business to help support the main business-like a bar or restaurant.

Unfortunately for the owner, the profitability is limited by the state. Although this was recently raised, the card room could only charge $3 per half hour per seat as the take for the house. The card room operations are not taxed at the state level. Instead, many localities apply taxes.

Other Gambling Operations

The Gaming Commission is also responsible for other gambling operations like sports pools, amusement games, pull-tabs, and charitable gaming. Also included are the numerous tribal casinos within the state of Washington. There are many, ongoing negotiations with the Native American groups regarding legislation.

Washington State boasts a large, well-run, and regulated gaming system. With the Washington Gaming Commission overseeing most of the operations, they protect the consumer from cheating and manage to keep illegal gaming activities to a minimum. As time passes, stricter laws may be enforced for the good of the customer from cheating and illegal activities. Washington is one of only a few states taking the lead toward gambling regulation.

A Collaboration Between Virgin Casino And Microgaming

Virgin Casino recently announced its partnership with Microgaming. In the future, all Microgaming Flash casino games will be available at Virgin Casino through Quickfire software. Microgaming currently has approximately 400 games which will slowly be added to the Virgin Casino system.

About Microgaming

Located on the Isle of Man, Microgaming is the largest online gaming software, developer. They provide many casinos with hundreds of different games including those in a Flash version. Microgaming was also one of the first companies to emerge in the online gambling software development field in the late 1990s.

Thunderstruck Slots

Thunderstruck, a popular online slot game, is already up and running within the system. Thunderstruck is a five-reel slot game featuring nine pay lines. Its popularity is due to the excellent graphics and audiovisual effects. The game is based on Norse God Thor which is the origin of the symbols. Thor symbols payout double with a 10,000 fixed jackpot and his Rams award 15 free spins for triple payouts.

The Promotional Details

Virgin Casino ran Thunderstruck Cash Back Week to promote the new game. Each day players received 20 percent of their wagered cashback. There is a list of exclusions on the Virgin Casino website. The cashback is calculated through the new loss for bets on that specific day with payouts the following day.

Virgin’s Software

Market research has proven that customers want a wide array of games to play online. To fulfill this order Virgin has aligned its strategy to offer as many games as possible to give the player more choice. Virgin uses software from WageWorks for its overall casino interface. However, they offer games from other online gaming software developers such as Cryptologic, Fremantle, and Ash Gaming.

Virgin Casino

Virgin launched its internet-based casino platform back in 2008. Since then, they’ve slowly been introducing a variety of games to the public. They currently offer one of the widest selections and are one of the largest online casinos in the United Kingdom. With the addition of Microgaming software, they will significantly increase their gaming variety to become an industry leader.

The collaboration between Virgin Casino and Microgaming is an enormous partnership between two industry leaders. The numerous gaming options that Microgaming provides will make Virgin Casino one of the largest online casinos in the world with the most game selection to offer their customers.